About Us

Wilson Talent Solutions Inc. is a business consulting firm that supports clients (both individuals & entities) across an array of functional areas, including but not limited to: Business Strategy & Business Growth, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Sales Training, Entrepreneurship, and Qualitative Product Development.

Our Founder & CEO, Aaron Wilson, has experience working with companies that range in size from the startup stage to established Fortune 500 corporations. Aaron's robust skill set was no longer a secret after 2016 when he made his first appearance on the big screen in Chris LaVoie's London-based "Art of Recruiting" documentary, where Aaron was highlighted as one of the top recruiting professionals in the world.

In addition to Aaron's experience in human capital & recruitment, in more recent years he has become the "go-to" expert for many founders & founding teams. The aforementioned tech mavens & entrepreneurs have leveraged Aaron's skills to spearhead their process of flushing out an idea, conducting Qualitative Product Development, structuring complex & robust deals, preparing strong investor decks, and effectively pitching to prospective investors.

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